Smart Process Automation

Leading banking, insurance, and healthcare organizations are using SPA to improve service delivery and operational agility by automating the unstructured data work that robotics alone cannot address.

Smart Process Automation is a logical evolution of RPA Technology where Robots utilize AI and ML to perform cognitive tasks. The cognitive bots are a part of Smart Process Automation. SPA yields great value when dealing with Unstructured Data. Unstructured Data can be unstructured documents, scanned documents, voice or images. For e.g. this Web page can potentially be considered Unstructured Data.

Using technologies such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), it is possible that an algorithm can extract the relevant data points and understand/process them contextually. Once the relevant data is extracted, it can then be processed like any other machine-readable data. Consider Unstructured Email Requests, Legal Contracts, Sports Casts, Business News etc. which can contain many data points which can be contextually understood and extracted for further processing.